Born in Nice (France), Yves is the son of world famous artist Yves Klein (France) and artist Rotraut Uecker (Germany). Yves comes from a long line of artists, starting with his grand-parents Fred Klein and Marie Raymond, and his uncle Günther Uecker. Yves grew up surrounded by art, beauty, and creativity. At age 6, he moved to Ibiza, Spain, in the Baleares Islands with his mother and stepfather Daniel Moquay, and was strongly influenced by the surrounding nature, especially by the colors, light, and depth of the Mediterranean Sea. Yves studied Architecture and Design in Paris, and took classes in “Cybernetics Theory of Systems” at the “Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Métiers.” He also studied Sculpture and Computer Science at the Arizona State University. Yves' time is now dedicated to the making of robotic artwork as well as digital artwork (under the "Amu's Dreams" appellation) that includes astronomical and microscopic imagery.