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  • “Fractured World: Gekkonidae”

  • Fractured World Octopus

  • Fractured World Shark

  • Fractured World: Hippocampus

  • Fractured World: Idolomantis Diabolica

  • Fractured World: Octopus

  • Fractured World: Starfish


Use of Digital and 3D Printed Art Technologies

The continued evolution of digital technologies has thrown up several opportunities for expressing art in newer forms and given a new meaning to modern paintings. Whether it is photography or drawing or sculpture making or painting, digital technologies have paved the way for new creative processes and a change in the visual perception of the various art forms. The Phoenix International Art (PIA) Gallery in Phoenix Arizona AZ is a modern art gallery that offers you a peek into such modern artwork, including digital artwork and 3D printed work.

Digital Offers Several Advantages

Digital technologies are not Greek, they are simply an extension of the traditional techniques as is evident in digital art photography exhibits at our gallery. The digital medium allows artists to experiment with different compositions and keep on repeating till they are satisfied. Another advantage of digital painting and digital art prints is that they can be edited to smoothen out any blemishes or rectify errors via editing. The use of digital equipment has also enabled artists to capture several unique and different moments without wasting any time. You can view our vast collection of modern artworks and buy art online at your convenience.

3D Printing

Recent years have also witnessed the growing usage of 3D printing art as a form of creative expression. The use of 3D techniques allows artists to think modern and view things from a perspective that is different from the traditional one. Browse through our section of 3D printed art to find imaginative and aesthetic objects and products that make our gallery one of the best contemporary art galleries in Scottsdale.

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